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The World Health Organization recently removed coffee from the status of a carcinogen

The World Health Organization recently removed coffee from the status of a carcinogen

The World Health Organization recently removed coffee from the status of a carcinogen. This move comes after twenty five years after WHO declared that coffee could be a reason for bladder cancer. Coffee drinkers finally have got news to celebrate. The Cancer Research Team of WHO recently concluded that coffee is no longer classified as a possible carcinogen. The organization further stated that coffee does not act as a trigger for other types of cancers including prostate as well as pancreatic cancers.

The WHO with this declaration joins other major studies that eliminated the risks of coffee. Several studies have been conducted to claim that there is no quantifiable link between coffee and cancer. This dramatic announcement was made by the cancer research wing of WHO after analyzing data from over thousands of studies. The IARC official who was responsible for leading the study was Dr.Dana Loomis. In a press statement, he stated that the evidence that coffee is not a carcinogen had increased significantly, since WHO was involved in the study in 1991. It is not the first time that WHO has taken an about turn when it comes to particular substances. But, it is not an event that happens often.

It is to be noted that Americans drink around three cups of coffee per day on an average. The National Coffee Association claims that coffee is the most drunk beverage in the whole United States even preceding tap water. It is becoming increasingly popular in several parts of the world not only limited to the traditional regions of Europe and the U.S. The rate of global consumption of coffee is increasing steadily since 2011.

A study led by the Dana-Farber Cancer institute stated that coffee can prevent the relapse of a few types of cancer including colon cancer. It helped to improve the rate of quick cure. So, brew a fresh cup and enjoy!

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There are very few issues that have divided Americans like abortion

There are very few issues that have divided Americans like abortion. The debate on abortion is one that has been raging for several years. Everything right from deep philosophical issues to legal, religious issues has been discussed. However, all these were put aside in the Texas legislature drafted in 2011 and 2013. The simple issue of how complicated and dangerous abortion could be for a woman’s health was the main issue discussed in this legislation.

Those in favor of the anti-abortion law stated that the procedure had to be done under strict medical supervision. They argued that this law protected women from falling prey to unsafe and scrupulous abortion centers that weren’t regulated. Those who were against this law, stated that the law was made with the sole notion of preventing abortions. They also argued that the law didn’t address the issues of protecting the mental and physical health of the women who undertook that procedure.

As a result of this law, several women who wished to have an abortion were forced to travel long distances to have the procedure. Also they ended up waiting for weeks and had to pay huge amount for the procedure.

The case has been going on for than a quarter of century. In the historic ruling given by the Supreme Court the restrictions put forth by Texas on abortions was reduced from five to three. As the case dragged in the courts for several years, there have been several myths surrounding abortions. The most important factor to remember that abortions are now carried out under strict medical supervision and the health of the woman is give prime importance. Studies reveal that all the myths surrounding abortions like that it leads to cancer, results in depression and reduces fertility are totally false and baseless. Studies also claim that woman who wished for and got abortions felt a profound sense of relief.

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What Is Premises Liability? – Personal Injury Law

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises Liability Lawyers can help you determine whether you have a case against a property owner for injuries sustained as a result of their negligence. So what exactly is premise liability? Owners of private and public properties can be held legally responsible for accidents and injuries that take place on their land or at their premises. What kinds of incidents are covered by premise liability? Liability claims can include slip and falls on a public sidewalk or privately-owned store, amusement park accidents, swimming pool accidents, explosions, broken glass or other dangerous conditions, defective fixtures and inadequate security at an event.accident lawyers

Under state law, the property owners have a responsibility to maintain their premises so that visitors are not injured. Governments are supposed to maintain public structures, homeowners must keep fences around dangerous conditions such as swimming pools and amusement parks must inspect and maintain rides.

When they fail to keep their properties free of hazards they may be liable to the injured party for premise liability damages. Whether you can file a personal injury claim depends if it can be shown that the property owner was negligent in allowing the hazardous condition to persist.

For nearly 30 years, our firm has been helping injured clients through the process of establishing the liable party for their premise liability claim. We have documented success in helping our clients recover just compensation for their injuries. Call us today for a free consultation to determine if you have a premises liability case against a property owner.

Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability cases can be difficult to prove, but a qualified personal injury law firm can help you determine if you have a case against a negligent property owner.

Property owners are held liable for those injured on their property if the plaintiff can prove that there was negligence involved.

Premises liability in Texas. … For someone to prevail on a premises liability claim based on a defect, the plaintiff has to illustrate that the defendant (the landowner) owed him a duty of care, he breached that duty, and that damages resulted.slip and fall injuries

Premises Liability Experience and Results

Were you injured as a result of a hazardous condition on someone’s property? In order to file a claim against a negligent property owner you will need to expertise of an experienced premise liability lawyer. Our attorneys will do a thorough investigation to clarify the facts surrounding the cause of the injury. In the case of a serious premise injuries, reconstruction experts and investigators could be needed to help determine the exact cause of the accident and the liable parties. In choosing a law firm it’s important to hire one who has the reputation, experience and financial resources to vigorously plead your case. You may be eligible to recover damages for lost wages, future lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering. An experienced premise liability attorney will be able to recover the highest compensation allowed by law.

Our firm has worked with many premise liability clients with a track record of major settlements and jury verdicts. If you or a loved one has been injured on someone’s property you deserve legal representation that will fight hard to protect your rights and recover the maximum compensation for your injuries. Call today for a free case evaluation by an experienced premises liability lawyer. We never charge an upfront fee. If we take your case, we will advance all costs and fees. We get paid only if you get paid.

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