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According to the US Department of Transportation’s motorcycle accident statistics and rates, a motorcyclist is 16 times more likely to die in an accident than a motor vehicle occupant. According to the same motorcycle accident statistics, motorcyclists are also three times more likely to be injured than people driving in cars. Over half of all motorcycles involved in fatal crashes collided with another motor vehicle in transit. Motorcycle accident statistics and rates show that one of the best ways to prevent severe injury or death is by using safety equipment such as helmets and defensive driving practices. More motorcycle accident statistics from the US DOT:

* Motorcycle accidents and injuries are more likely to occur at night-with an increased number of fatal crashes occurring after dark
(motorcycle accident statistics show that 60% of all fatalities happened at night).
* Nearly half of all motorcycle operators involved in fatal crashes were exceeding the speed limit
* Around 80% of all motorcycle accidents end in injury or death
* Motorcycle operators involved in fatal crashes had higher intoxication rates than drivers of any other type of vehicle involved in a
fatal accident.

These types of motorcycle accident statistics and rates can have a prejudicial effect on people and even influence the outcome of litigation and criminal proceedings. It is important to understand that motorcycle accident statistics are gathered from many accidents and that your specific motorcycle accident could completely contradict the impression created by motorcycle accident statistics and rates. An attorney with experience representing motorcyclists can help you review motorcycle accident statistics from various sources and explain how they can be used in your particular situation. More on this webpage

A motorcycle accident usually involves the motorcycle and another moving vehicle. In almost 75% of motorcycle accidents, the front of the motorcycle strikes the other vehicle. However, more than a quarter of motorcycle accidents are caused by the motorcycle crashing into a stationary object. Like other vehicular accidents, motorcycle accidents are much more likely when either driver is speeding or under the influence of alcohol. Motorcycle accidents can be prevented through defensive driving/riding. The number of motorcyclists involved in a fatal motorcycle accident while speeding was double that of drivers of other vehicles. Reducing motorcycle accidents’ frequency and severity can be as simple as observing posted speed limits. Another major factor in motorcycle accidents is vehicle blind spots. Motorcyclists who make their presence known can avoid motorcycle accidents caused by other drivers. A helmet can greatly reduce head and neck injuries if a motorcycle accident does occur.

The most important thing to do if you are involved in a motorcycle accident is to remain calm. If possible, get the contact information of everyone involved in the motorcycle accident. Exchange insurance information and review the police report if possible. Make sure the details of the motorcycle accident are included: weather, road conditions, number and types of vehicles, and even diagrams of the motorcycle accident can help insurance companies make the correct conclusions as to cause and fault. The injuries received in motorcycle accidents are generally much more severe than those from regular vehicular accidents. Motorcycle accidents can result in debilitating injuries and even death. If a motorcycle accident has affected your quality of life, or if a loved one has been severely injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, you may wish to speak to an attorney who is familiar with the legal aspects of motorcycle accidents. IF YOU OR A LOVED ONE HAS BEEN INJURED IN AN ACCIDENT, YOU NEED THE ADVICE OF AN EXPERIENCED PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER. CALL OUR LAW OFFICE TODAY FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION.

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