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13 Steps to Take If An Injury Accident Occurs

13 Steps to Take If An Injury Accident Occurs

Unfortunately, bad things do happen, no matter how careful we are. Read through these 13 steps now. If a car accident happens, you’ll know what to do. Check this website

1. Promptly notify the police and call for an ambulance if anyone is hurt.

2. Cooperate with the authorities who come to the scene.

3. Take reasonable steps to protect your vehicle from another loss. Consider moving it out of the flow of traffic.

4. Try to record everything on the scene. Your notes should include details of the accident, identification of the autos and people involved, and the names and badge numbers of all emergency personnel. Take pictures if possible.

5. Insist on breath tests if you suspect drugs or alcohol are involved.

6. Do not accept money. Do not accept fault. Do not agree to forget about the auto accident.

7. Get copies of all police reports.

8. Have the insurance company inspect and appraise the damage before any steps are taken to repair it.

9. Cooperate with the auto insurance carrier representative in the investigation, defense, or settlement.

10. Send your car insurance carrier copies of any notice or legal papers received in connection with the accident as soon as possible. Make sure you keep the originals.

11. If you are injured, submit to physical examinations by physicians selected by the insurance carrier as often as they reasonably require. (the insurance carrier pays the cost of these examinations.)

12. Give your authorization for the insurance carrier to obtain medical reports and other pertinent records.

13. File a claim.

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Answers from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Answers from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether you or your loved one has been injured in a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident on another’s property, at work, or in any other type of accident, you need to know the facts about your rights and how you can recover your damages. By answering the most frequently asked questions we receive from clients just beginning to explore their legal options, we hope to provide injured residents with the information they can use to protect their rights to fair compensation and begin the personal injury claim process. More about Truck accident Lawyers in Victoria Tx here

What is a personal injury claim?

Personal injury, as a legal concept, is used to describe any type of damage that a victim suffers as the result of another’s negligence, carelessness, or wrongful act. These damages may be in the form of physical and/or emotional injuries, which can also result in financial damages. Personal injury claims are civil lawsuits against the party responsible for causing harm to a victim. When successful, responsible parties can be held liable for compensating victims.

What is liability?

Liability is a legal term that describes a legal and financial obligation. Once a person or party has been found liable for a victim’s injuries, they will be required to compensate that victim for the damages they suffered.

How will compensation be awarded?

Courts generally award compensation in the form of economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive damages. Economic damages can include medical expenses resulting from an injury, funeral expenses, and lost work wages, and future earnings. Noneconomic damages are emotional injuries that may include psychological trauma, grief, and emotional distress. In some cases, particularly those involving gross negligence, courts can also award victims punitive damage to further punish wrongdoers.

Will I have to go to court?

If the insurance company agrees to pay what we deem your case worth, you do not have to go to court. We will proceed in court if the insurance company refuses to pay the acceptable amount. Unlike some other personal injury lawyers who may try to settle your claims quickly and avoid trial, we will go the distance to win your case. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will help you determine the potential merits of your claim and can help see to it that you are duly compensated for your injuries and losses.More on this website

How long will it take to resolve my case?

The duration of cases will always depend on several unique circumstances. A big factor that can influence the length of your case is whether or not an insurance company will contest the claim. Generally, however, car accident and slip-and-fall claims can be resolved in roughly six to 18 months. More technical cases, such as medical malpractice or product liability claims, may take as long as two to three years. Our legal team is motivated to move your case as rapidly as possible so that you can recover the compensation you require.

Do I need a lawyer?

While there are no legal requirements that you get a lawyer during these legal proceedings, having legal guidance can make the difference between recovering maximum compensation and receiving unfair or no compensation for your damages. Rife with technical legal information and prone to complications and aggressive contestation from defendants, claims are complex legal matters that require sharp and experienced legal minds. Depending on the compensation of these claims, it is best to have an attorney by your side.

Do you have more questions? Contact our Law Firm!
If you have any additional questions about the personal injury claim process, or if you wish to ask questions about your situation, do not hesitate to reach out to a personal injury lawyer from our firm. With an emphasis on being available 24/7 to injured residents in need, our firm is truly here to help you through these difficult times. Contact us today.

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Truck Accident Attorneys San Antonio

This Blog was brought to you by the Carabin Shaw Law Firm, Principal Office in San Antonio

Truck Accident Attorneys San Antonio

On Your Side After a Serious Accident
When a large truck and a passenger vehicle collide, the injuries are usually catastrophic or fatal. Passenger vehicles cannot withstand the size and weight of a commercial truck, especially at high speeds or if the truck tips over. While liability for the accident may seem clear, the trucking company and its insurance carrier will try to deny any fault.

Trucking accident victims need a tough trial lawyer on their side. At our Law Firm, we fight the trucking company’s insurance carrier until we get results. As trial attorneys with decades of experience, we know how to stand up to these companies and build strong cases for our clients. You can rely on us for cases involving severe injury or wrongful death claims. For a free consultation with a truck accident attorney, please call us toll-free today.

Trucking Accidents Can Be Complex

All large commercial vehicles can be dangerous in an accident, from cargo vans to interstate carriers such as:

Sea-land container trucks
Tanker trucks
Cement trucks
Construction vehicles

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, as well as state laws, govern the trucking industry. The FMCSA places limits on the number of hours a driver can work without a break for rest. It also requires regular safety and maintenance checks for the vehicles. After a trucking accident, however, it is not unusual to discover that the trucking company or driver violated these regulations.

The firm will investigate the accident to determine the cause. We may work with experts who can reconstruct the accident and examine the truck, the safety and maintenance record, and the driver’s logbook. If the driver or trucking company violated state law or FMCSA regulations, we will work to prove their liability.

Contact our Truck Accident Injury Attorney
To schedule a free consultation, please call us today.

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