Five Tips for Your Helicopter Flight

Five Tips for Your Helicopter Flight
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Here are five suggestions to make the most of your fun helicopter ride –

1) Don’t wait till the last minute. Investigate and book your helicopter tour early, especially if traveling during the busy season. What is the busy season? Gosh, that would be a good thing to find out, wouldn’t it? Ask your helicopter pilot.

2) When traveling to a new destination, fly early in your trip. You’ll get a better overview of the area, and this makes planning the rest of your time all the more fun and useful, to get the most from your adventure travel experience, or enjoy your wedding package.

3) Understand the seating arrangement beforehand. If there are two of you traveling, don’t book a helicopter with only two seats, or you’ll have to travel without the pilot! And a standard tour, in a six-seater, could mean that you’re traveling with strangers, and you might not have a window seat!

4) Eat lightly. Foods that are heavy or greasy can leave you less alert, and a big meal can leave you sleepy as well. And remember, too much food can make you feel nauseated if the helicopter tosses and turns in the air. Best: eat light snacks only.

5) Taking photos? Don’t go crazy. First take time to admire the view, then think about what you want to capture and don’t zoom too tight because aircraft movement is unpredictable. Be sure to have a window seat, and avoid wearing light-colored clothing to reduce glare from the inside of the window.

We’ve got lots more information, so if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!

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