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A Checklist of Warning Signs that You Need an Experienced Texas Accident Injury Lawyer

In most instances, it takes a Texas car accident attorney to make sure that accident victims like you end up recovering the actual worth of their medical bills, pain, suffering, disability (if applicable), and damages to their vehicle and its contents that were caused by a negligent defendant. And as we said at the beginning of this article, if the circumstances surrounding the accident and its coverage level are minor, the chances are good that a reasonably intelligent accident victim can successfully manage his or her claim on their own without the assistance of a lawyer. But, here are some of the scenarios where achieving a full recovery for your total damages are best served through a local car accident attorney.

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Personal Injury

You’ve Suffered Physical Injuries in the Wreck in Seguin Tx

If you suffered any sort of bodily injury in your vehicle accident, it’s best for you to have an experienced Texas lawyer handle your claim. A good rule of thumb in deciding this is whether or not you need to make a return visit to your doctor after being treated for your injuries. If you’ve been given a large prescription for heavy pain medication, that’s another pretty good clue. More on this website

When you seek damages for bodily injuries, insurance companies don’t necessarily have to abide by any predetermined guidelines when deciding how much to pay you. And sometimes, because some of them are quite ornery, insurance companies are more about premiums than claims and decide to pay you nothing. Such blanket refusals are the first benefit of having an attorney who is fighting for your interests: which are also his or hers. If you’ve suffered broken bones, head injuries, back injuries, or any other sort of injury in your wreck, do the smart thing. Call a good attorney. And do it quickly.

The Other Driver is Hard to Deal With

It’s also a good idea to call a car accident lawyer if the other driver involved in your accident gives you a hard time: at the scene of the wreck or later, or if that other driver doesn’t want to give you his contact or insurance information. Negligent – then cantankerous – accident “victims” usually have something to hide, either from the law or their insurance company. This could be an early indication that this “defendant in-training” is already making it as difficult as possible for you to recover what you deserve. If you experience this kind of behavior from the other driver, think of it as a big red flag that you need to hire a lawyer: or at least have a serious conversation with accident lawyers Seguin Texas

The Insurance Company Pressures you to Settle or Keeps on Harassing You

Insurance companies can be extremely difficult to negotiate with. And besides that, they love to take up a lot of your time and give you nothing, especially if you haven’t got an attorney to insulate you from them. Insurance companies protect their own interests. And as we’ve said, those interests involve collecting premiums and paying out as little as absolutely necessary. So if you’ve been injured, their interests are the direct opposite of yours. They’ll use adjusters to try to find ways to deny your claims as they try to deceive you by appearing to be trustworthy. They call you repeatedly, asking innocent-sounding questions about your accident. Their inquiries may seem harmless. But they’re usually calculated to induce you to say something that could be used against you to deny your claims. Whatever you say to them will probably be recorded and could come back to haunt you as evidence against your claim when it’s time to go to court.

Put our years of experience to work for you. If you want to know what your rights are, how to proceed with your claim, and how much compensation you can secure from your auto accident case, call our Law Firm now for a free consultation and find out how we can help you.

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