Trucking Accident Attorney: Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

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Trucking Accident Attorney: Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer:

Victimized by a trucking accident? Our experienced trucking accident attorneys are here to help.

Through tragic or catastrophic news stories, people understand that trucking accidents usually cause considerably more damage than regular passenger car accidents. What is less well known is the fact that, in legal proceedings when a victim seeks compensation through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, trucking accidents are considerably different than car accidents. The most monumental mistake victims of trucking accidents can make is to approach a trucking accident claim in a similar fashion as a car accident claim. In the legal world, the differences are staggering. Trucking accident attorneys in our firm offer the following informative article on why this is often the case, and why enlisting our legal help in your 18-wheeler accident case can be a beneficial first step in seeking compensation for your pain or loss. More information about Truck Accident cases here @\

The Big Difference: Multiple Liable Parties

One of the main and most significant of differences between semi-truck accidents and passenger-vehicle only accidents is the likely involvement of multiple liable parties in 18-wheeler wrecks. While there can sometimes be multiple defendants in passenger vehicle only accidents, such a scene occurs much more often in collisions involving 18-wheelers. This occurs because Texas trucking companies can be held vicariously liable for their drivers’ negligent behavior under the legal notion of “respondeat superior.” Furthermore, Texas trucking companies are required by state law to have insurance coverage on their drivers and truck. What this means is that, more often than not, an 18-wheeler accident that causes an injury or loss of life will have, at the very least, three liable parties, or defendants: the driver, the driver’s employer, and the employer’s insurer. When a trucking insurer becomes involved, 18-wheeler accident cases take on a noticeably more challenging aspect in regards to successfully litigating a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the trucking company.

Furthermore, there can be even more liable parties depending on the specifics of the accident. If cargo falls off of a tractor-trailer, or a load shifts within a semi-truck’s hold and causes an accident, an outside cargo-loading company, if used by the trucking company, can be held partially liable for any resultant injuries or deaths. If a truck crashes into an overpass and causes an injury or death because the driver was following a prescribed route as planned by an outside route-planning company, that company could be held partially liable. If a mechanical failure occurs, such as a brake failure, then the manufacturer of that part could be held partially liable. If an 18-wheeler driver is drunk, Texas dram shop law allows for the alcohol-serving establishment to be held liable if proven of negligence in their care for their patron or for public safety. Additionally, if another driver or entity caused the 18-wheeler accident, that driver or entity could also be held partially liable. With so many possible liable parties, ensuring that each one is properly identified is a vitally important step towards seeking full compensation for your injuries or loss. When our Law Offices take an accident case, we will conduct a thorough investigation into the accident scene so that the truth of the cause of the accident is known and all liable parties are brought to justice. See more here: @

The Next Big Difference: High-Dollar Insurance Policies

Trucking insurance policies are generally about 50 times as valuable as a normal car insurance policy. This has to be the case since severe and enormous damage can be accomplished through even a momentary lack of concentration on the part of an 18-wheeler driver. However, this can complicate an 18-wheeler accident case since, with so much money at stake, the insurance carriers will employ ruthless tactics to avoid a large payout. Insurers exist to turn a profit, and this is often achieved by seeing to it that large insurance policy claims are denied, or, at the very least, severely lessened. This is quite the opposite from fender-bender insurance claims where the insurer is much more likely to fairly compensate you for sustained property damage since the costs are relatively low and the stakes aren’t so high. As such, having a trucking accident attorney on your side, with his twenty years of experience in litigating semi-truck accident cases, can prove to be a strong legal ally that will defend your rights so that you can receive full compensation despite an insurance company’s tactics.18 wheeler accident lawyer

Aggressive Insurance Adjusters and Ready to Respond Defense Attorneys

Commercial insurance policy adjusters are the most aggressive adjusters in the industry. This is not an entry level position; rather, these adjusters are promoted to work on commercial policies after years of proving that they are capable and efficient at seeing claims result in the smallest of payouts. Furthermore, the more money these adjusters save for their insurance company, the more money they likely stand to make. In other words, they have a vested interest in denying your claim and will work with their own best interests in mind, which, more often than not, relates to their own bottom line as well as that of their employer. By enlisting the help of a trucking accident attorney, you can be sure to have legal experience on your side that will work with your best interests in mind, even against the most aggressive of insurance adjusters. Because of our two decades of experience in dealing with these particular kinds of adjusters, we’re wise to their ways, so we can help prevent you from being taken advantage of by their tactics.

Commercial insurance providers that insure large trucks have a team of defense attorneys on contract and likely on speed-dial. As soon as a trucking accident occurs, these attorneys are dispatched to the accident scene to discover anything they can utilize in order to build a case against you. These attorneys will also likely have a vested financial interest in protecting the insurance carrier. They will likely prove to also be quite aggressive in their means to prove your liability in the accident. By shifting even a percentage of blame onto you, they could stand to save their clients quite a sizable sum. If they can somehow shift a majority of the liability onto you, the case could be dismissed, resulting in no compensation whatsoever for you. Ensure that you have a fighting chance against such an aggressive defense by contacting a trucking accident attorney in our firm. We will go toe-to-toe against these types of attorneys and will act just as aggressively, when necessary, in order to get you fair compensation.

The Unethical Practices of Some Truck Drivers or Self-Insured Trucking Companies

Most 18-wheeler drivers stake their entire livelihoods on their ability to earn a living by driving a truck. This results in a scenario where the truck driver is under a great deal of pressure to say whatever they have to in order to protect their job. As you can imagine, it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to see how a truck driver may be inclined to give an inaccurate account of their own fault in the accident. Insurance companies welcome the opportunity to deny claims based on the statement from their own driver. However, our Law Office has many years of careful depositions and thorough investigations that have proven time and time again the truth, or falsehood, of a truck driver’s story.truck accident attorneys

Some trucking companies may be self-insured, meaning that they hold aside a portion of their assets to cover themselves in the event that a claim is made. However, this can sometimes lead to unethical behavior on their part since they’re not governed by the rules and regulations that are in place for traditional insurers. As such, we’ve been contacted when an injured victim seeking compensation from a self-insured trucking company has experienced some form of unethical behavior, like being threatened in some manner, hearing about witnesses being badgered, or learning about evidence being manipulate or even deleted. When this occurs and our Law Office is contacted to help with such a claim, we will pursue certain legal actions in order to compel the unethical company to start acting rightly so that the injured victim or bereaved family has a fair opportunity to recover compensation from the negligent trucking company. In many instances, an aggrieved party can save themselves from hours of frustration by contacting us before attempting to deal with a self-insured trucking company on their own.

Why Do I Need Legal Help in my Semi-Truck Accident Case?

Personal injury and wrongful death cases involving 18-wheelers simply have too many variables for a non-attorney, or even an inexperienced lawyer, to be able to adequately handle so that a successful outcome resulting in fair compensation can be reached. Furthermore, with such a stout defensive team likely working the claim or case, a self-represented plaintiff will likely be skewered in court, despite the fact that they might have a good understanding of the law. The law must also be properly applied in court, and missing a deadline or not knowing how to respond to certain unique situations in the court room can lead to a case’s dismissal. Essentially, with such a sizable sum of compensation likely at stake, choosing to self-represent is a very risky choice. By enlisting the help of a trucking accident attorney, you will have twenty years of hard-earned experience and a well-earned and respected reputation on your side.

When Should I Contact an Attorney if I’ve Been in an 18-Wheeler Accident?

By the time you have found your way to this website, your trucking accident is likely being investigated by the liable party’s insurance company, an aggressive adjuster has been assigned to the case, and the insurance company’s defense attorneys have started building a case against you. When dealing with such a coordinated effort against you, it becomes readily apparent that you will need a team of your own to have any chance of success. Our experienced trucking accident lawyers would like to be that team. Our aggressive and experienced lawyers have spent the last 20 years devoting their time and expertise to our clients to make sure that trucking companies and their insurance companies fairly compensate our clients for the pain they have caused them. Furthermore, by contacting a trucking accident attorney, a comprehensive investigation can be made into your semi-truck accident so that all liable parties can be identified and held accountable for their negligent actions. By waiting even a day longer to contact us, you could be jeopardizing your case’s likelihood of success. Evidence goes missing with time, or can even be manipulated, and witnesses may forget key details or may not be able to be tracked down should too much time pass between the accident and the action to enlist legal help. Contact us today at for a free consultation so that you can start the process to seek compensation for your injury or loss as a result of a Texas 18-wheeler accident.

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