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Truck Accident Attorneys San Antonio

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Truck Accident Attorneys San Antonio

On Your Side After a Serious Accident
When a large truck and a passenger vehicle collide, the injuries are usually catastrophic or fatal. Passenger vehicles cannot withstand the size and weight of a commercial truck, especially at high speeds or if the truck tips over. While liability for the accident may seem clear, the trucking company and its insurance carrier will try to deny any fault.

Trucking accident victims need a tough trial lawyer on their side. At our Law Firm, we fight the trucking company’s insurance carrier until we get results. As trial attorneys with decades of experience, we know how to stand up to these companies and build strong cases for our clients. You can rely on us for cases involving severe injury or wrongful death claims. For a free consultation with a truck accident attorney, please call us toll-free today.

Trucking Accidents Can Be Complex

All large commercial vehicles can be dangerous in an accident, from cargo vans to interstate carriers such as:

Sea-land container trucks
Tanker trucks
Cement trucks
Construction vehicles

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations, as well as state laws, govern the trucking industry. The FMCSA places limits on the number of hours a driver can work without a break for rest. It also requires regular safety and maintenance checks for the vehicles. After a trucking accident, however, it is not unusual to discover that the trucking company or driver violated these regulations.

The firm will investigate the accident to determine the cause. We may work with experts who can reconstruct the accident and examine the truck, the safety and maintenance record, and the driver’s logbook. If the driver or trucking company violated state law or FMCSA regulations, we will work to prove their liability.

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