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Car Accident Attorneys – Accident Lawyers

Car Accident Attorneys – Accident Lawyers

Due to the high volume of cars on the roads in Texas, there is unfortunately a high rate of automobile accidents that cause injuries or deaths. If a car accident results merely in property damage to the car, then you can probably handle the situation accident attorneys
However, if you were injured or a loved one was killed in a car wreck in Texas, you will likely need the help of a Texas auto accident attorney in order to see that you are fairly compensated. Insurance companies know that you are disoriented immediately after a car accident, and they will often try to use this to their advantage and cajole you into saying something that could damage your chances of securing fair compensation or possibly try to get you to accept a settlement that is far less than you deserve.
In exchange for this settlement, the victim must sign an agreement that he or she is forfeiting the right to sue in the future. Our auto accident attorneys can prevent you from being hustled by the insurance company.
We will handle all communications, preventing you from damaging your case by saying something you shouldn’t or accepting a settlement that is unfair. With 30 years of experience handling auto wreck litigation, we know how much your case is really worth and how to make sure all liable parties are held financially accountable.

Why You Should Contact our Law Firm Immediately
While the statute of limitations after a negligent injury or wrongful death in Texas is two years, you need to act immediately to give yourself the best chance of securing the compensation you deserve if you’ve been injured or a family member has been killed by someone else’s negligence. Success with a personal injury or wrongful death claim requires evidence, and that evidence can only be found through a quick and thorough investigation. In most accident situations, the evidence begins to fade away or become altered quickly. Thus, you should contact our Law Firm today, so that you give yourself the best opportunity of delivering justice and recovering the compensation to which you are entitled. We’ve taken on every major insurance company in the state and compiled a long track record of success. personal injury

For a free consultation, call our Law Firm any time at 1(800) 862-1260 for a free consultation. We’re happy to listen to your story, answer your questions, and advise of your legal options, so call us now.

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Who is the Defendant? Is there More than One? Then You Must Identify Them All

Who is the Defendant? Is there More than One? Then You Must Identify Them All

As we’ve already said, in a personal injury lawsuit as a result of a car accident, you, the plaintiff, can claim anything you want. And all the defendant has to do is say “prove it.” If you don’t, the defendant wins.

In many instances, it might not be entirely clear from the outset just who was to blame for your injuries. In some cases, this is because the actions that ultimately led to your injuries may have happened long before those injuries occurred. For example, if you were involved in a car accident because there was a mattress lying in the middle of the road, the car or truck that was hauling the mattress maybe 50 miles down the highway by the time you hit that mattress with your car. In other cases, so many parties may have been involved in the events leading up to your accident that it can be difficult to sort everything out and precisely know which one (or ones) was negligent. It’s always possible that several share the blame. And when multiple individuals cause an accident all can be named as defendants. In any event, a thorough investigation conducted by an experienced personal injury lawyer can usually identify the source (or sources) of your injuries.

Besides the importance of conducting an investigation, there’s one other key thing to know about defendants. It’s important that you file a lawsuit against a solvent defendant: a person or entity with enough money to pay you damages, especially if they might not have a liability insurer. If a defendant is insolvent you won’t be successful in collecting the full amount, or any amount, of the damages, whether you’re able to prove that he’s liable or not. This is a sad circumstance, but one that unfortunately does occur.

Defendants know that if they can appear “poor,” they won’t be required to compensate an accident victim for injuries the defendant caused them. And many defendants can go to great lengths to hide their assets and appear insolvent, even when they’re not. at our Texas Law Offices, we perform thorough asset checks of all defendants and know all the tricks they try to hide their assets. We create a clear picture of all their available resources: cash or liquidate equity. If the defendant in your case is hiding something, you can bet that we’ll find it.

Put our years of experience to work for you if you want to know what your rights are, how to proceed with your claim, and how much compensation you can win from your personal injury case. Regardless of how it happened, we’ll answer all of your questions. Call our Law Firm now at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free) for a free consultation and find out how we can help you.

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Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Our experienced team of injury attorneys handles all types of personal injury claims. Let our expertise speak for itself—with over 20 years of successful cases, our clients have received restitution for:

Auto Accidents
Injuries to Children
Motorcycle Accidents
Trucking Accidents
Wrongful Death
Premises Liability
Dog Bites and Animal Attacks
Burn Injuries
Workers’ Compensation
Workplace Injuries
accident attorneys
Our Firm specializes in clients who have been injured in automobile accidents, including those that were a result of multiple-car intersection collisions. Our attorneys also handle cases involving hit-and-run or drunk drivers, rear-end collisions, drivers distracted from cell phone use, uninsured or underinsured drivers, drivers going at excessive speeds, rollovers, commercial trucks, and motorcycle collisions. Additionally, we represent clients who have been injured as a pedestrian, or due to the faulty design of vehicles.

If you are involved in an accident, the likelihood is high that you will suffer severe damages – physically, financially, and emotionally. The stress of physical injuries is bad enough, but when coupled with the financial pressures involved with missed work and lost wages, the strain on your life and on your relationships can become overwhelming. This is why when we defend our clients in court, we make sure that the judge sees the long-term effect that this accident has had, or will have, on your life and on the lives of your family members.

If you are faced with the possibility of lifelong disability, it is important that you are adequately compensated for the past, present, and future medical bills that are a direct result of your injury or accident. Having an injury lawyer on your side will help make sure this happens. We represent families who have suffered a catastrophic loss due to injury accidents and are experienced in cases seeking wrongful death and benefits for survivors.

We know how insurance companies will only look out for their best interests. That’s why at Our Firm, you will be hiring lawyers who know how to take on the insurance companies and explore all of their potential sources for risk management in handling civil court claims. What this means is that we will look through their policies carefully to find out details regarding liability and insurance. We will also look through the at-fault driver’s business and personal assets to know how much those assets are protected under law in civil court claims, and to what extent the at-fault driver can be held financially liable.

Our accident attorneys have experience with medical malpractice claims and birth injuries, nursing home abuse, denial of insurance benefits, and cases involving neglect. We serve clients who have been injured and we are here for you. We know that you have a choice in who to represent you and we will work hard to show you why we have been rated the top injury lawyer for one reason and one reason alone – we know how to get money for you because we know the law. Don’t be fooled by the firms who promise that you will get their full attention, but you later find out that they have assigned claims adjusters to your case. These claims adjusters are not attorneys, they are not legal experts, and they don’t know how to negotiate the full dollar amount that you deserve for your pain, suffering, and lost wages.

At Our Firm, we work hard to make sure that your case is as painless as possible – from the moment you come in for your initial consultation to the day you leave court with a judgment in your favor. We know that in times like this, the last thing you want is additional stress. That’s why we take the stress out of your situation as much as we can and look for every possible way to get you the compensation you deserve.

There is a reason we’ve been voted the number one law firm in the area. We stand out from the competition because we have over 30 years of experience working with personal injury cases just like yours. Our clients are not only happy they chose us – they are often shocked at how much compensation we were actually able to win for them.

No one understands the pain, suffering, stress, and distress that a personal injury or accident can cause to a family until you’ve seen it firsthand. We’ve seen it time after time with our clients – that’s why we know the full extent of compensation you deserve for the potential long-term consequences of your accident. You should never settle for what the insurance companies offer you. With Our Firm on your team, you’ll be paid so much more! Contact us today and let us show you how. Find more information on this website

Car Accident Atoorneys
car accident lawyers

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