Premises Liability for an Assault or Robbery

Premises Liability for an Assault or Robbery

Personal Injury Lawyers: Premises Liability for an Assault or Robbery

Can Property Owners be Held Liable for Criminal Acts That Happen on Their Property Such as Assault, Battery or Robbery?

Many people are injured every day by people intentionally causing them harm. People are robbed, beaten, and had even worse crimes committed against them by awful people who only wish to cause suffering. With the knowledge that there are people like this in the world, certain property owners and possessors have an obligation to take preventative action in order to deter this kind of behavior. There are multiple locations and places that we visit on a daily basis that are prone to these types of sinister crimes. It is the shopkeeper, bar owner, and apartment manager’s responsibility to adequately ensure that you are safe when you’re on their property. If you are intentionally harmed while on the property, the owner or possessor may be responsible for your injuries and the experienced attorneys at our law office can help you receive compensation for your losses.accident attorneys

What Types of Properties are Prone to Criminal Attacks?

Some properties have a greater chance of experiencing crime. For instance, a church is not usually a breeding ground for criminal elements. Rarely do you hear about larceny at a church or an assault in a church parking lot? However, you frequently hear about innocent people being attacked at local bars and people being mugged at gas stations. You have a much greater chance of being harmed at these types of locations. Places like restaurants, bars, hotels, gas stations, apartment complexes, shopping malls, hospitals, and parks have a much greater risk of criminal activity and therefore the owners or possessors have a greater responsibility to ensure your safety.

The Possessor or Owner of a Property May Be Responsible for Your Injuries

Some properties are more prone to having crimes occur. Due to the area they are located or the types of patrons they attract, some properties are predisposed to crime and the odds of a crime being committed against another person while they are on the property are intensely amplified. If a person owns or possesses a property that they know is likely to have a crime occur, it is their duty to deter or prevent that crime in order to protect you. This might mean they are expected to hire more security, increase parking lot lighting, or install some sort of security system or gate.

Property owners in this situation act reasonably to adequately provide sufficient security and protection for you. If the owner or possessor fails to take these extra precautions, the odds of crimes like assault, robbery, rape, and murder occurring are dramatically increased. Their failure to act cautiously has increased your potential for injury and therefore, under the theory of premises liability, they may be held responsible for your damages.lawyers

Many Businesses are Responsible for Negligent Hiring

Often a property owner or possessor has failed to take extra precautions resulting in the hiring of a dangerous person who then intentionally harms you. Many jobs require a background check before they can hire you. However, many businesses choose not to utilize this method of discovery before hiring because it is costly and time-consuming. Businesses try to cut expenses everywhere they can and management often views this check as unnecessary and unlikely to produce anything substantial. So, in an effort to save money and time, companies will not run background checks when they hire people.

For example, many apartment complexes have multiple people working on the property. Most have numerous management staff and maintenance people who have almost unlimited access to every apartment in the complex. In some instances, apartment complexes will fail to run a background check and consequently do not discover that their employee has a history of violent crimes.

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If that violent criminal attacks you or your family while you are on the property, then the apartment complex may be liable for your injuries. They may be responsible under the theory of premises liability because they failed to take adequate precautions to ensure your safety and security.attorneys

Our law office has been helping victims like you for over 20 years. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in handling all kinds of personal injury cases including injuries caused by intentional crimes like assault or robbery. If you are the victim of an assault or robbery you may be entitled to compensation from the property owner or possessor. To discuss your potential claim and your legal rights contact our law office.

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